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  1. UBC Chemo arrived on a cold snowy day 3 days after placing the order. It was impeccably packed, very fresh, and very dense and inviting. This is a great strain for activities, training, writing, being creative, the aroma is beautiful, nice n relaxing. I love Ron and the team for all they’ve done for me! Order a good one like this one and be totes satisfied!

  2. Now that “we” know what strain works for what ails me (Grape God), the folks at McChronald’s sensed that I would be cutting it close to running out when I placed my order. I got it just in time.

    Knowing me, and that’s one of that greatest assets of dealing here, is that they DO. They answer any questions, handled/resolve customer service issues in a very high road way. There are people on the other end of this.

    The salad that I ordered was also plump with little clusters. Again, integrity.

    Phenomenal products, service, integrity, great value. They have my vote!!!

    One love, ya’ll!!

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