Saskatoon is the largest city in the Province of Saskatchewan is centrally located in the province making it the natural Hub of the province. Giving this city the nick name for the city “Hub City.”

The thriving Canadian city has beautiful views of both country side and city making this city the perfect one to smoke weed while going for a walk or drive.

The province of Saskatoon has not produced the greatest weed recently. Of course when smoking weed having the best strains and flowers is the most important thing.

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Have you watched the news in Montreal recently?? 8 stores of Cannabis Culture was opened in Montreal and after a few days all stores were shut down and employees were arrested! CTV and CBC were on sight and Canada’s “Prince of Pot” Mark Emery was arrested and sent straight to jail. Cameras were in the store with customers faces shown.

When it comes to marijuana people like to be discreet as possible. Marijuana is frowned upon by a lot of people and so it has become natural to hide it or not be open about it. People have professional careers where its not allowed. Order online and have it delivered through Canada Post. No one will know a thing.


Montreal Arrests at Cannabis Culture

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