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Earn Weed Points For Discounts & Free Weed

How To Earn Weed Points

You can now earn weed points from BuyWeedOnline.ca towards purchases, and for free orders.  Earn 50 weed points and get 1 free order with shipping costs included.  You can also use points to get partial discounts using the value of the points.  Each point is worth about $2.75.

Earning Weed Points From Your Friends

Think of it this way.  If you have 50 friends that you order wee for then you get free weed all the time.  Obviously, we recommend that you simply direct them straight to us for a telephone consultation.  But, if you do decide to get some weed for your pal because he doesn’t want anything to do with a computer or cellular telephone then you will at least now get rewarded every time they want weed.

Earning Weed Points For Product Reviews

You can also earn 1 point for writing a review on the product page for what ever marijuana strain you purchased.  These reviews will be monitored for quality.  We will only accept comments that mature viewers will be able to soak in easily.  Please keep product comments as precise, honest, and descriptive in every way from Taste, Flavour, Smell, Look, Feel, Effects, Length of Stone, and over all satisfaction.

Requirements For Earning Full Points

You will receive 2 points for product comments on the product page you purchased from.  Your comment must include the following factors in order to get paid for full points:

  • Taste
  • Flavour
  • Smell
  • Look
  • Feel
  • Effects of High
  • Length of High
  • Strength of High
  • Overall Satisfaction


If you do not include all  9 factors in the review you will only loose 1 point giving you only 1 point in stead of the full 2 for a proper product review.

You CAN NOT review a product that you have already ordered previously.  This starts now, and goes from here.