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Sporting Event While High

Sporting Event While High

In my travels around the world I frequently liked to visit Europe. It is totally different then the world we live here. Everything is old! I mean old, like 16th-17th century old. All the buildings and houses etc. One thing that Europe is huge on is Football or Soccer for us North Americans. Here is my story of my experience of traveling and attending a sporting event while high. SUPER HIGH!

I was in London for a few days being a tourist when I saw that my favorite team, Manchester United, was playing in Manchester 5 hours! I knew i had to go. I purchased my tickets and was heading to the Train Station. On my way I smelled marijuana! I had to get some it has been a few days without it and I would love some before the 3 hour train ride.

I found a man behind a building in a alley way and was able to get about 4 grams off of him. He ripped me off and charged me 80 Pounds which is $175 canadian! But I was desperate.

I smoked a nice big fatty right before the train ride. On board was a bar i could get a few beers from and window seat with a great view! I was in heaven!

I got off the train and saw a quiet park that I could walk into. I rolled 4 fat joints, smoked 2 right then and there and made my way to the stadium.

I walked inside and there I stood with 70,000 fans screaming and waiting for there team to come out. I sat in my seat and really enjoyed the game. Being high made the overwhelming feel so euphoric. Muscles and mind were tingling. I chanted with the crowd and as they scored there goal i’ve never heard a stadium so loud in my life! What an experience! Truly one I will never forget!

Manchester United

24 Hours In Vegas

24 Hours In Vegas

Sin city, what happens here stays here etc. The city of Las Vegas is something else. Partying in Las Vegas has made many memories for myself and my friends. This is the story of 24 hours in vegas.

In May of 2015 a group of us made a trip to go to Las Vegas and watch what was called the Fight of the Century between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

We landed in Vegas on Saturday morning 9am. Went straight to the hotel and dropped off our bags. First stop was the infamous Wet Republic Pool Party. There we had our table with bottle service and were entertained by the DJ Calvin Harris! He was amazing and the day time party was something ive never seen before. Confetti, fireworks, girls, booze and partying.

After 4 hours of being in the sun and drinking we headed back to the hotel and got ready for the evening. The limo picked us up and we headed for the MGM Grand Hotel for the fight. On our way to the hotel we hot boxed the limo. Best kush i could find in Vegas was pretty damn good. Was surprised myself. We arrived at the hotel and there came a big cloud of smoke when we exited the limo LOL.

We entered the area and were ready for the fight. It did not let us down. Mayweather and Pacquiao had put on a show and at the end Mayweather came out the Victor.

After that we got back into our limo and headed to the night club Hakkassan and watched DJ Hardwell perform. The nightclub was huge and Hardwell was AMAZING!

We walked out of the club and looked at our watch and saw that it was 5am! We made our way back to the hotel, Smoked the fattest joint and made our way to the airport. 7am flight back home.

Landed back in Vancouver and collapsed on my bed.

Definitely the best 24 hours of my life!

Watch it here:

Mayweather vs Pacquiao