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24 Hours In Vegas

24 Hours In Vegas

Sin city, what happens here stays here etc. The city of Las Vegas is something else. Partying in Las Vegas has made many memories for myself and my friends. This is the story of 24 hours in vegas.

In May of 2015 a group of us made a trip to go to Las Vegas and watch what was called the Fight of the Century between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

We landed in Vegas on Saturday morning 9am. Went straight to the hotel and dropped off our bags. First stop was the infamous Wet Republic Pool Party. There we had our table with bottle service and were entertained by the DJ Calvin Harris! He was amazing and the day time party was something ive never seen before. Confetti, fireworks, girls, booze and partying.

After 4 hours of being in the sun and drinking we headed back to the hotel and got ready for the evening. The limo picked us up and we headed for the MGM Grand Hotel for the fight. On our way to the hotel we hot boxed the limo. Best kush i could find in Vegas was pretty damn good. Was surprised myself. We arrived at the hotel and there came a big cloud of smoke when we exited the limo LOL.

We entered the area and were ready for the fight. It did not let us down. Mayweather and Pacquiao had put on a show and at the end Mayweather came out the Victor.

After that we got back into our limo and headed to the night club Hakkassan and watched DJ Hardwell perform. The nightclub was huge and Hardwell was AMAZING!

We walked out of the club and looked at our watch and saw that it was 5am! We made our way back to the hotel, Smoked the fattest joint and made our way to the airport. 7am flight back home.

Landed back in Vancouver and collapsed on my bed.

Definitely the best 24 hours of my life!

Watch it here:

Mayweather vs Pacquiao

Best Things To Watch On YouTube When High

Best Things To Watch On YouTube When High

Smoking a joint, hitting the bong, smoking that little pipe etc. However the hell you get high I want you to get as high as you can be! What is better then the Best Things To Watch On YouTube When High! Now this is my list, let me know what your choices are as I would love hear new ideas.

  1.  YouTube Comedians and Vloggers

YouTube comedians like SuperWoman, JusReign, PewDiePie, Smosh and so many more! These people will make you laugh no matter what type of comedy you’re into.


   2.  Government Conspiracy Theories

These videos will literally make you trip the fuck out! Really makes you think. You will thank me later.

   3.  Top Sports plays Of All Time

The Plays you will see here are amazing. If you’re a sports fan you will love this!


    4.  Best Ways To Get High

You will usually find two guys who sit there for half hour and get super high in 15 different ways. They’re funny and its almost like you’re smoking with them.


    5.   Old Cartoon Shows

Watch cartoons when you were a young child waking up early on Saturday. Classics like Jeffersons, Flinstones, Loonie Toons and so many more. You will find them!


    6.   National Geographic Animals In HD

The Craziest thing you will see. I love Tigers so watching them leap in the air is amazing. Watching animals like Giraffes and Elephants run is something quite amazing.


    7.  Best Destinations In the World To Travel To

Watching these videos is amazing. There are so many places in the world to travel to. So much to see and were only given limited time on this planet. Take advantage and go Travel.



My recommendation is to go check out Recipe Crtic. They make these 30 second videos on how to make meals for any time of the day. Mouth watering combinations you would never think of.



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As a frequent user of smoking Marijuana for the last 16 years one thing I learned was that it can do a number on the lungs! Not only that but the smell on the breath and hands can be quite annoying for people who don’t smoke around you. Me myself i love a joint in my hands. I use to use a pipe when i was younger and bong was for the days that i just wanted to be inside and watch movies all day and get super super stoned! Then I bought a Vape.

In the last 5-10 years the world of marijuana introduced a new gadget called a vaporizer. Now even before that we had Volcano Vaporizers, but now we vaporizers that are the size of your phone. Some even the size of a Sharpie felt pen.

It has changed the way we smoke weed. As much as i like smoking a joint, I must say that I do love smoking out of a vape. The device is easy to use, there is no smell on your hands, the smoke is alot healthier then smoking out of a joint because the Vape filters it. The smoke going down your throat you can feel is nice and clean and smooth.

Best Time I Used It

The perfect time i used it was when we had the entire family over for Christmas dinner. Now having a big family is hard to host such a big dinner. Especially about being worried about this or that  going.

As all 75 family members were in my house, 90% of them are not weed smokers and all of them are totally against it. So I would leave for about 10 mins, pack my Vape and head outside quickly. 3-4 puffs and I was BAKED!!! Came back inside and I was relaxed and a social butterfly.

Just for your information I was a rockstar that night. I went out a few more times after that of course to keep the high going.

In the end I will always smoke weed in various types of ways but i felt for situations like this, Vape was my best friend!

Risks and Rewards