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Top 20 Jamaican/Blazing Riddims

Top 20 Jamaican/Blazing Riddims

Here’s our compilation of top 20 Jamaican/Blazing Riddims: (Perfect for when you’re smoking a joint or simply just laying back relaxing)

  •  Welcome to Jamrock – Damian Marley                                                            This is a classic weed song – most will know it but if you haven’t heard it definitely check it out! Unfortunately we couldn’t find a non-censored version of it, but it’s still great!
  • Stir it Up – Bob Marley                                                                                        Can’t have a Jamaican playlist without good ol’ Bob Marley.
  • Protoje – Rasta Love                                                                                                Just a good vibes, love filled song. Perfect when you’re smoking with your significant other.
  • Patience – Damian Marley ft. Nas                                                                      Deep song, lots of meaning to it. Asking some serious questions.
  • Skrillex – Ragga Bomb                                                                                           This song is so intense. It takes the Jamaican vibe to a whole new level. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier, there a sweet little surprise near the end of the video.
  • Bob Marley – One Love                                                                                     Another classic by our main man. One love.
  • Richie Spice – Ghetto Girl                                                                                           If you liked Rasta Love by Protoje, you will probably like this one too! Good vibes.
  • Gyptian – Hold Yuh (remix)                                                                                        This one is also great for listening to with your partner. One love.


Hope You ENJOY!

Marijuana For Back Pain

Marijuana For Back Pain

This time 5 years ago I was in, what I thought, was a harmless accident turned into a chronic pain in my ass. Literally. I looked online and everywhere i could for information on Marijuana For Back Pain.

At first I was just using simple back pain meds like advil and tylenol but I needed something that would help a ton more. Something that wouldn’t just take the pain away but also not let me feel uncomfortable.

That’s when my doctor finally subscribed me MARIJUANA!!!!

The answer to all my problems was finally the cure to my chronic back pain. When I was taking the pills like advil the pain would go away but i was still uncomfortable. The medication wouldn’t last longer then a few hours.

Also I’ve never liked the thought of constantly shoving pills down my system. I felt like it would only get worse.

When I smoked that sweet beautiful medical marijuana I could feel the weed tingle my muscles. Not only taking the pain away but putting my mind at ease and being able to relax and forget my troubles.

I also fell asleep a lot quicker as well as the Back Pain was so severe that it was hard to sleep at night.

Now I would smoke a joint, back pain would leave, mind would be relaxed and I was able to get a good long night of sleep.

Of course while doing this I was still doing back stretches and what i felt was the most helpful was swimming. With a good stretch the water was able to let my back bend and help the strecthing process.

I would then go into the sauna and do 4-5 stretches and let the heat heal my bones.

I would then get hone and smoke a nice joint and let the chronic do its thing.

Best Marijuana for back pain

Marijuana For The Soul

Marijuana For The Soul

When one smokes weed for the first time there reaction to the flower is baked, high, tripped etc. When becoming a regular marijuana smoker you tend to look at life and surroundings a little differently then normal. Your mind can expand and think about things in ways you never thought possible. It’s called Marijuana for the soul.

Recently in my life I have gone through many hardships. People passing away, health issues, personal life moments and so much more. Now people in life think the way to turn that pain in to healing is by using drugs or alcohol to numb the pain. This is not what i’m talking about.

I am talking about accepting the pain, the loss, the heart ache etc. But to look at it from a different perspective. Being able to accept the pain but to look at the positive of a negative situation.

When a friend of mine past away it was the most difficult thing i have ever been through. Being a little older and wiser i decided no to try to numb the pain. I smoked a joint and start to speak with my inner self and met my spiritual side.

I started to meditate and breath heavy but slowly and was almost lost in my own mind. Completely cut off from the world I could make my mind and soul feel like it could do anything. So i decided to imagine my friends face and imagined I was speaking with him. It may have been the happiest i had ever been since his passing.

I was at peace and was smiling not only from the outside but the inside as well. My heart was warm my body tingled. It was surreal.

For those dealing with really depressing matters let your mind body and soul think about the positives in any situation and always think positive thoughts. It can help you mentally and physically. Get the negatives out of your mind and live positively.

We are given a short amount of time on this planet, make the most of it with a smile on your face and at the end you will have no regrets.

Marijuana For The Soul