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Marijuana and Hepatitis C

Marijuana and Hepatitis C

Those who smoked marijuana daily were more likely to complete their Hepatitis C therapy–the medications have severe side effects which often causes a patient to stop their treatment regimen. What’s more, marijuana supposedly makes the medication more effective, as those who take it in conjunction with their treatment have no sign of the virus in their body.

Hepititis C

Patients that smoked marijuana every day or two found that not only did they complete the therapy, but that the marijuana even made it more effective in achieving a “sustained virological response,” which is the gold standard in therapy, meaning there was no sign of the virus left in their bodies.. Hepatits C patients who used cannabis in combination with their conventional medical treatment were three times more likely to have an undetectable viral level six months after the end of treatment.

Treatment for hepatitis C infection is harsh — negative side effects include fatigue, nausea, muscle aches, loss of appetite, and depression — and lasts for months. Many people aren’t able to finish their treatment course because of the side effects. 54% of hepatitis C patients smoking marijuana were able to achieve low viral levels. In fact, 86% of marijuana users were able to successfully complete their therapy treatments with fewer side effects.

Marijuana provides relief for patients with liver disease, who may suffer from symptoms like decreased appetite, nausea and weight loss