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Smoking Weed VS Eating Weed

Smoking Weed VS Eating Weed

It’s a huge question weather or not what is better or safer or healthier. It’s a debate that is always a question for non smokers as well. Smoking Weed VS Eating Weed is the topic today.

Now typically smoking Marijuana is the way to do it. Always has been. But in the last 2 decades Edibles have come into our life and people are going towards a little more.

Smoking weed gives you the high that Marijuana smokers are always wanting. Head buzz with munchies and trippy moments. The perfect high for either being productive or a lazy couch potato. Being high with weed smoke compared to edibles is very different.

Eating weed or brownies or anything of that sort is a lot different of a high. I feel its more of a body high, like a relaxation spa. Definitely think it helps with pain a lot more because of the relaxation.

Eating the weed by itself is probably the worst way to digest Marijuana LOL. I would never reccomend that. Smoking or an Edible is the best way.

A cannabis edible, also called cannabis-infused food, is a food product that contains cannabinoids, especially THC. Cannabis edibles are consumed for both medical and recreational purposes.

Because cannabinoids are soluble in lipids and alcohols, cannabis must be cooked with one of these two substances in order to infuse the cannabinoids into the food and activate their psychoactive effects.[1] Cannabis edibles are consumed for both medical and recreational purposes. During preparation, the cannabis or its extract must be heated sufficiently to cause decarboxylation of its most abundant cannabinoid, THCA, converting it into the psychoactive THC.

For me in the end Smoking Weed is the best way to get high and its the high that makes its mark the fastest.


Is Eating Weed Our Constitutional Right?

Eat This Supreme Court!

Today the Supreme Court will decide whether it is prescribed Canadian’s constitutional right to consume edibles containing medical use marijuana.

Are Edibles A Better Way To Medicate?

These edibles include but are not limited to: oils, cookies, brownies etc. Currently the regulations limit medical marijuana users to consuming dried buds only. Should these physician-prescribed users choose to transform their dried buds in other edible forms such as oils and/or baked goods, they could be charged with possession of narcotics under the current Controlled Drugs and Substance Act. Why should marijuana be treated differently than other drug? There are people across the country taking their prescription medication in the way they deem most effective. Different methods of taking oral medications include crushing the pills or emptying the capsules. This allows the patient to incorporate the drug into their food or drink for easier consumption.

Lets get real, smoking is bad for you OK!

Aside from personal preference not to smoke, there are many patients whom are unable/or should not smoke marijuana period. These patients include people suffering from respiratory diseases such as COPD, Emphysema and Lung Disease, alongside their chronic pain conditions. By ingesting the product through other edible form, they are able to receive pain relief without harming their overall health. Canadians constitutional right to life, liberty and safety is what is in question here. For thousands of years people have been treating themselves for various conditions with appropriate marijuana-laced products without fatality. Of course the issue then arises of these edible products becoming accessible to unaware/un-authorized parties such as children or adults. The response would be the same as that of prescription pills. Keep all products containing medicinal marijuana labelled and in a concealed location.  Lawyer Kirk Tousaw of British Columbia leads this movement in fighting the High Courts to give patients the right to consume their weed the way they want. He believes that these Canadians should not be under scrutiny from the Federal Government for wanting to ingest their prescription, rather than smoke it.

Tousaw hopes to have an exemption made to the Controlled Drug and Substances Act for medical marijuana, instead of the current Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) annex. At this point the decriminalization of marijuana is not the issue being discussed. Though by paving the road for patients to medicate themselves within reasonable boundaries, it may bring us one step closer to the possibility of the decriminalization of marijuana.

Through this step-by-step process the Canadian Government and Health Canada will be able to do the required research needed to project the effect on Canadian society if decriminalization were to occur. For now it will be up our Government to decide whether it our right as Canadians to consumer our medicinal marijuana how they want.