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The Value of a BuyWeedOnline.ca Gram of Bud

What would you pay for a gram of top grade Bud?
Some people are pissing me off in some forum’s and I will tell you why!
We need to do a fucking reality check here. Make sure  everyone understands what I am going to say.

If you consider all the facts, you are actually paying too little for your bud at BuyWeedOnline.ca.

I heard a couple of people complaining in a forum that BuyWeedOnline.ca weed prices are too high per gram. Some compared the price to what they pay  at home.. If you consider all the facts, you are actually paying too little.

I would love to ask those people who share the false belief that BuyWeedOnline.ca charges too much. There are several things they should question themselves about, a reality check-

Ask yourself, “Can I get the well grown elite weed strains that BuyWeedOnline.ca stocks where I live?

Ask yourself, “Can I connect for hash or weed wax, or shatter, etc.”?

Ask yourself, “What varieties or choices of bud do I have here where I reside?”

Ask yourself “The weed I get here where I live, do I really know what strain I am ingesting?

Ask yourself “Do I know for sure that the herb I am ingesting into my body is uncontaminated from the fertilizers and liquid nutrients used to grow it, was it bleached?, what about mold and fungus?

You pay more for premium products as with any other brand.

You pay more for premium products as with any other brand. BuyWeedOnline.ca does its best to get the primo stuff of fame, He gets the hard to find Sativa’s, he has the Kush you want, he even has the wax and shatter and hash. BuyWeedOnline.ca weed is the Rolls Royce of cars, the french  Champagne of wines, the Rolex of watches. Most of the weed strains he sells are the parent, child of many of the winning strains at the ‘High Times Cannabis Cup, The Strains you  get at BuyWeedOnline.ca has greater value than  the weed you get where you are living in Canada.

One of my favorites, a sativa,, Super Silver Haze with shipping costs $19.71 a gram at BuyWeedOnline.ca. I think that is a fucking great price. The bud we get in Hamilton, Ontario  does not compare to the quality and potency of my favorite strains that BuyWeedOnline.ca carry.   Yes., I know I must pay the price for premium weed, especially if it is unavailable where I live in Canada. I cant personally find sativa in Ontario, it would be hard to connect on that,  I cant get weed of the quality McChronald  sells here locally where I live.  BuyWeedOnline.ca never sells shit. He has a policy,  never sell sub-standard weed. He supplies only the best, the 10/10, Grade AAA+  herb. He don’t do business with a grower who grows B-grade weed. Ron’s friends are top professional experienced growers, these guys do not grow B-grade weed. They know how to grow Bud to its perfection.

Considering  all the factors I spoke of above,  lets see what BuyWeedOnline.ca  pricing is per gram which includes the shipping cost, and based on minimum order of 7 to 10 grams. The occasional  $10 a gram weed promotional’s are not considered here. Just what is the actual cost to you is a gram of some strains he has in stock.

Girl Guide Cookies- $19 a gram
Strawberry Cough- $19 a gram
OG Kush- $17 a gram
Sour Diesel- $16 a gram

Great prices I think. Bottom line, Those are fantastic prices for what you get!

Ron is with good people behind the scenes, and all they want is the best for you all, happy customers, and customers whom are loyal.

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