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How To Order Marijuana Online

How To Order Marijuana Online

Ordering marijuana online has never been easier. Some people have asked me to put up a tutorial explainer video up of How To Order Marijuana Online.

I have now done that with my own wacky animated way of doing it. The fun videos are always a hit and everyone loves a good laugh or two.

The registration part is very key. We do not want to be selling marijuana to a minor. I know the legal age in Canada is 19 but for me Marijuana responsibility should be left for mature adults. I also do not want to be selling to a student who lives on campus and is spending his grocery money.

Canada Post is the best way to ship because they control our regular day to day mail. They guarantee there delivery and provide tracking numbers. Also, legally no one is allowed to open up your mail other then you the receiver.

Packages are always vacuum sealed for no smell and wrapped in a Canada Post bubble wrap envelope. The perfect packaging to be discreet. No smell, no advertisements, no idea of what could be in that package at all.

Ordered and delivered right to your front door is the beauty part! Never leave the comfort of your very own home ever again. You can order online and the package comes right to you. It’s genius. Best for people who do not want to advertise they use Marijuana.

Customer Satisfaction and confidentiality is the most important thing when it comes to BuyWeedOnline.ca That is a huge part of why people order online. To be discreet and have no one find out that they use Marijuana.

I have 10,000 people across the country that trust me and I will continue to provide the best customer service out there!

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Risk Of Purchasing Marijuana

Risk of Purchasing Marijuana

Why put yourself at risk of purchasing marijuana from a shady drug dealer when you can order marijuana online?

We are now in the 21st century and the times have changed from meeting that shady guy in the hoodie in a parking lot. All types of people smoke weed. Students, adults, seniors, business professionals etc. Why put yourself at risk of potentially being in danger. You don’t the guy state of mind or if someone is following him. What if the cops were following him what would you do??

For the last 25 years the human race has had the access to the World Wide Web. It was only a matter of time until someone came along and said why not give people the chance to buy marijuana online, anonymously and don’t have to show face.

Buy Weed Online gives you that online shopping feeling when purchasing marijuana. Order from the comfort of your own home and don’t worry about stepping foot outside.

As a business professional the last thing you want is your clients or co workers knowing that you smoke weed. Not that there is anything wrong with it. However society looks at marijuana as a lethal substance. WHATEVER!

There is always many risks that can come with purchasing marijuana in person. But tell me what risk is there when purchasing it online?? Our packaging is vacuum sealed which is then put in a Canada Post envelope. No smell and no clue what it is. If anything it looks like your ordering clothing or something from Amazon.

Legally no one is allowed to open up your mail other then you. Not the police not Canada Post no one. Also our website does not ask for your Driver License or want any personal info. Just your name and email.

Buy Weed Online is here to keep the bad guys away from your life!

Montreal Dispensary shut down

Wondering How Marijuana Is Packaged And Mailed?

How Marijuana Is Packed And Mailed

How marijuana is packed and mailed is an art form to say the least.  When we first started, we went threw some pretty heavy growing pains lol.

How Marijuana Is Pakced And ShippedYour order is packaged professionally, involving among other things, vacuum sealing, no one will  know what’s in the package, no odor.

In order to give you the best quality marijuana you can buy online we ensure that the packaging is done properly before shipping.  All packages will be sealed with Food Saver bags and should not have any air in them.  They should not be squished all to shit either though.

It is sent by Canada Post Xpresspost, it takes 2 to 3 days, Canada wide. A tracking number will be emailed to you so that you can track your shipment and know the delivery date, and no signature is required, it will be left in your mailbox.

How marijuana Is Packaged And Mailed

BuyWeedOnline.ca takes its packaging process very seriously.  We make sure that the contents inside will not leak smell.  We also make sure it clearly states that the package is for no other then the person who ordered.  Every once in a while Canada Post changes the price or shipping packaging we need to use.  This is something we do not control.  BuyWeedOnline.ca does not charge for shipping.  We simply pass on the cost of what ever Canada Post is charging at that point in time.  Sometimes we find our selves paying $2 to $4 for shipping out of our pocket.  But, BuyWeedOnline.ca packs your meal with total discreetness paramount with delivery.

It’s very discreet, no one will know what is in the package!!

If you are having a problem playing the video above, Try this link

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