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Join The McChronalds Team

Make Money With McChronald’s

Do you want a way to make a 10% – 20% commission or free weed points?  Well all you need to do is request a coupon code from me.  What that coupon code you are able to advertise it using all methods of marketing except radio or television.  All paid orders will be given a 10% commission.  Orders over $500 will be paid out at 20%.

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Want to make some extra doe for the Holidays setting on you butt?

I am looking for Facebookers, Twitter’ers, Bloggers, Picutre Posters, etc to join the McChroanlds team.  We pay more commission then anything you have ever heard of.  As long as you can promote McChronalds to Canadian potential customers you can earn 20% – 35% profit share.  If you are ambitious and dont mind spending hours in front of a computer telling everyone about McChroanalds, I will give you your own custom link.  You can start making money today!

If you would like to start making money in Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, and other sites please email me and ask for an affiliate account.  Email me at mcchroanlds@gmail.com now!

  I will set up your account and email your details to you for your online dashboard to you can see your success.