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7 Best Types Of Marijuana Good For Depression

Marijuana And Depression

Depression, a mood disorder characterized by a persistent feeling of sadness, hopelessness, and loss of interest, particular strains of cannabis have shown great efficacy in helping sufferers alleviate their symptoms. In cases of severe clinical depression, a lack of activity and productivity may plague patients. In extreme cases, sufferers may have thoughts of suicide or self-harm. The correct variety of cannabis can decrease or even eliminate these manifestations of a disease that affects millions upon millions of people.

Treating Depression With Cannabis

Cannabis has been used for centuries to treat depression. Those who consume high-CBD varieties of marijuana occasionally or even daily have lower levels of depressive symptoms than those who have never tried marijuana. Chronic stress reduces the production of endocannabinoids, which in turn led to depressive symptoms. Chronic stress is one of the major causes of depression. Using compounds derived from cannabis to restore normal endocannabinoid function helps stabilize moods and ease depression. Taken in low doses, high-CBD varieties of marijuana is a powerful antidepressant. But note, Every individual is different, and the matter is made even more complex due to the wide variety of marijuana strains available, each one affecting individuals uniquely. Depression treatments must be tailored to fit each person, one depressed patient might benefit from cannabis, while another might find their anxiety is heightened from the drug.

The two biggest things currently understood regarding the treatment of depression with cannabis are 1) sativa strains work better than indica and 2) low quantities are believed to be more effective than chronic use of large amounts throughout the day.

Best Strains For Depression

For depression, it is typically sativa strains that are recommended. The following list of strains are best:

Green Crack: A southern California sativa in the process of being renamed Green Dragon.

Sour Diesel: A sativa-dom version of ChemDawg that is noted for high THC content.

Amnesia Haze: An 80% sativa that is very energetic.

Lamb’s Bread: A Jamaican sativa, this was one of Bob Marley’s favorites.

AK-47: Fruity and sweet in odor and flavor, this strain is known for its potency.

Jack Herer: Sativa dom developed in the Netherlands that combines Haze, Northern Lights #5, and Skunk #1.

Trainwreck: A mythic sativa from Arcata that’s big in Northern California. No one knows what’s in it, other than that it is mostly sativa by its morphology, growth patterns, and energetic, euphoric high. Use it to clean your house.

Marijuana Strains In Canada

Numerous marijuana strains are present today, each notably effecting in its own way. Knowing which strain you want is a supreme task to do before procuring them.

Organic Purple Kush:

Marijuana StrainsOrganic Purple Kush AA+ look very alluring polish looking bud, encrusted in crystal with orange and yellow hairs. Purple all over the nug. And also very polish smelling bud. Certainly sturdy odour of kush. It is adroit for agony. It is a capable strain for bed time use, back or any genre of pain.

Island Sweet Skunk:

Marijuana StrainsIsland Sweet Skunk A+ is entirely striking, this plant fabricates lengthy and opaque spear shaped flowers sparkling with resin. Comprising an astonishing aroma of ripe pink grapefruit. It tastes precisely like pink grapefruit on the inhale, with a more earthy relish on the exhale. Its effects are astounding, it sets a gauzy feeling in behind the eyes first and keeps you very enthusiastic, while notably diminishing your stomach pain and increasing the appetite. Your aptness to focus is also enhanced. It is a capable strain for nausea, appetite invigoration, focus, ADHD, daytime pain solace.

Romulan A++:

Marijuana StrainsRomulan A++ looks like bulky buds, princely varnished in resin. Light green with lots of orange hair. It has lemon fragrance effluvium, very piquant and fruity with a peppery end. It is sterling for gastrointestinal concerns and also gives a vital appetite invigoration. It is a capable strain for pain, headaches, migraines, appetite invigoration, insomania, muscle relaxant.

Northern Lights A+:

Marijuana StrainsNorthern Lights A+ looks dense, smallish, popcorn acreage nuggets. Bright green with dark orange hairs and laboriously rimed. Its smell during flowering is utterly pungent. Having just a classic soil-like taste. Its outcomes are very tuneful, no buoyant or cerebral resultants. This strains toils miracles for nausea and stomach pain, and proffers a very amiable muscle relaxant reaction. It is a capable strain for nausea, appetite stimulation, muscle relaxant, tension redeemer, sleep and insomania.

White Russian A:

Marijuana StrainsWhite Russian A is very murky dark green buds with dark orange hairs. It smells like straight up cheeze-whiz. Its savour is cheesy and piquant, exhale is very soil-like and brisk. It is a capable strain for daytime agony superintend and appetite invigoration. Quite vivifying, so not proficient for slumber, but patently abets you unwind and mellow out. Presumably would be a efficacious one for depression.

Pakistani Chitral Kush A+:

Marijuana StrainPakistani Chitral Kush A+ is deep purple, with dark orange hairs and deep green blended right through. While growing smells sturdily of menthol also relishes like menthol on the inhale and sandal wood/incense on the exhale. Its outcomes are very dulcet no raciness. It is reposing, jocular and hilarity bracing. It is a capable marijuana strain for unbending, tautness, melancholy, temper augmentation.