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Smoking Weed and Sports

Smoking Weed And Sports

Smoking weed and sports.

For 25 years I played very competitive soccer.

I started smoking when i was 15 and never in a million years did I ever think to smoke before a big game. I always thought that it would make me lazy slow and everything else weed is associated with.

When I was 17 I was getting ready for my game. At that time my brother came to me and asked if i wanted to smoke up with him. I thought why not, it wasn’t to big of a game and i loved smoking. So i did. Not to sure what kind of weed it was or the strain of it.

Either way when i walked on to that pitch i was BAKED!! I thought oh my god Im going to be the worst player ever!

The absolute opposite!!!!

I killed it. The weed had opened my mind and I was so much more creative I was thinking of plays i had never even thought of. I was making plays in mind 2-7 seconds in advanced. Having the courage and balls to try things i would never try. I would do moves on defenders that they would think is impossible. I was unstoppable!

My teammates were stunned! They had never seen me play like that before. I could think of the pass i was going to make before i even got the ball.

That same year our team had reached our very first provincial title game! Terrified with the decision if i should smoke before the biggest game of my life. I did, and I did not regret it. I had scored 2 goals and 2 assists in what was the best game of my life. Lifting that trophy that i dreamed to win since i was a kid was one of the greatest moments ever.

Of course I was only 17 then and body and mind was fresh. I think it would have a negative effect on my play now since i am now 30 LOL.

Thank you for listening to my story.

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Recreational Marijuana

Last week in Toronto multiple raids took place, confiscating large amounts of recreational marijuana and edibles. The cannabis shops that were involved were claimed to be selling for recreational use.

This raid resulted in 71 criminal charges, and 90 people were arrested.

Police Chief Mark Saunders said that these shops were a general  health concern by not having the needed information in regards to thc content, or where the marijuana and products came from.

There are 18 known dispensaries that are legally working under the health Canada act and will remain to be open for operation.

recreational marijuana protesterMr and Mrs emery are fighting for recreational marijuana use and are fighting for legalization.  Jodie posted on social media today about the queen street raid last week. Jodie and her husband mark Emery are protesting and are still providing cannabis for recreational use for users above the age of 19.

Cannabis Culture was one of the shops that was involved in the raid last week. They have decided to continue operating their dispensary and they will not give up on providing recreational users with the medication they need.

I can hardly wait for legalization to take place.! To know that people are getting criminal charges and being arrested over marijuana is outrages. I am very appreciative to those that are speaking up and fighting for the legalization. without people standing there ground and continuing to do the right thing  by providing marijuana to the sick and healthy our rights would not be herd.

with legalization just around the corner Mr and Mrs Emery are “refusing to be bullied ” by law enforcement.



Toronto Dispensary Raid “Project Claudia”

Toronto Dispensary Raid



Thursday May 26th in Toronto Dispensary Raids took place in Kensington Market and on the Danforth. With warrants on locations, police officers forcefully gained access, confiscating  269 kilograms of dry marijuana, as well as other THC products. police charged 186 people as well as making 90 arrests.  Complaints had been made that these shops were causing a “broad impact ” on the neighboring area close to location. The target was on dispensaries that were claimed to have been distributing marijuana products that did not comply with the  marijuana-for-medical-use regulations.

While some bystanders made commits indicating that this was a good thing to have happen, others were not happy to have witnessed the Toronto raid take place.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion in regards to this situation. Whether you agree or not, personally i dont think it was necessary to make a scene by smashing shop windows.  For those that used these shops to get their medication from, they are now forced to go else where. Having these shops open to the public allowed marijuana users to get their THC from a safe and reliable source. Having a place to be able to get your medication from is crucial for many people, not just marijuana users.

In these kind of scenarios its been voiced by citizens that this is a waste of authorities’ time. That they’re not putting their resources to any good. Some people believe that there are more serious things happening in Toronto that should be addressed before taking action the way the have . Actions like these have left some people with disappointment.

Before the Dispensary raid to place, Notices were given earlier on this month to 78 property owners out of the 83 known medical marijuana dispensaries. Contravening the city’s zoning bylaw, these dispensaries were informed in the notice.

If it wasn’t for events like 420 protests or people gathering to voice  their preference towards marijuana,  we wouldn’t have legalization. This is going to be a long going process to have legalization, as well as a costly matter. This is worth speaking up, and fighting for!

I have a strong opinion towards marijuana, and the good it brings to people. It has so many things to offer and not just smoking and getting high, the marijuana can bring so much more to the table!