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Therapeutic Effects of Medical Marijuana

The Known Therapeutic Effects of Medical Marijuana

For the past few years, marijuana otherwise known as cannabis has been regarded as illegal for the fact that its abuse is prevalent not only in the US, but in the whole world. The youth is particularly affected by the abuse of marijuana which is why many are adamant in opposing the legalization of the said herb.

Marijuana Has Thereputic Effects On The Body

However, there has never been actually any deaths that can be associated to marijuana, either that may be medicinally or recreationally. But it is true that its abuse cannot be overlooked as well as the health benefits that it can provide under certain circumstances. It is fact however, ingesting too much of aspirin or drinking a lot of coffee, but not taking too much marijuana.

After several studies have been held and published recently about benefits of marijuana, it is found that marijuana is non-lethal and may actually provide health and therapeutic benefits. It is found that marijuana may actually better help you than those medications that are commonly cooked up in laboratories.

Conditions For Medical Marijuana Use

According to the late Dr. Tod Mikuriya, former head of marijuana research program of US government, said so that there are about 200 conditions for which marijuana has been proven to be of help. Some of the therapeutic effects of marijuana includes the following:

  • It has been discovered that an active ingredient in marijuana called delta-9-tetrahydrocanabinol (THC) is able prevent a certain enzyme, acetylcholinesterase which is known to accelerate the formation in the brain of what they call ‘Alzheimer plaques’. The THC is able as well to prevent the acceleration of protein clumps which is attributed to constrain memory and cognition much better than that of commercial drugs.
  • Smoking of marijuana is attributed as well to provide therapeutic effects multiple sclerosis which that is suffering from muscle spasticity. Clinical trials have shown cannabis have a significant impact on easing the pain in patient’s arms and legs each time that muscles contract and in addition, according to patients, it makes them ‘feel good’.
  • Marijuana proves to be useful when it comes to alleviating symptoms of chronic pains as it is reported to have therapeutic effects of reduced pain and inflammation, allowing the patient to have more sleep.
  • It has also been discovered that there are ingredients found within natural marijuana which plays a role significant enough when it comes to controlling of spontaneous seizures that happen in epilepsy.
  • Since a long time, marijuana is reputed to be effective treatment for glaucoma, the leading cause of blindness in the world. It is able to reduce as well as help relieve the intraocular pressure which causes damage to the optic nerve. Moreover, some are saying that marijuana also help in what they said as ‘reverse deterioration’.
  • Some might say that use of marijuana can cause depression, but there has been a study of addictive behaviors that have found that people who consume marijuana occasionally shows lower depressions symptoms levels that those who have not tried marijuana before. Apparently, marijuana have therapeutic effects of more positive and less depressed mood and fewer sleep complaint than those who aren’t users.
  • Marijuana use is also attributed to have a therapeutic effect when it comes to treating patients with anxiety problems than with use of prescription drugs. It helps people with anxiety as it is effective in calming their nerves when anxiety attacks.
  • There is also a report as to how marijuana is effective in helping women when it comes to morning sickness. Reportedly, there is about 92% of women who uses medical marijuana that said marijuana is either effective or very effective in relieving their morning sickness symptoms.
  • Marijuana is very effective as well when it comes to improving the effects of certain drug therapies such that for Hepatitis C. It is able to help relieve the side effects of Hepatitis C medications such as nausea, loss of appetite, muscle ache and fatigue. Moreover, medical marijuana is even reportedly more effective in achieving the gold standard in doing therapy, meaning there are no viruses left inside the patient’s body.
  • Marijuana also has anti-bacterial properties which makes it so that tumor growth can be inhibited. Additionally, it is able to enlarge the airways which are believed to be of ease when an asthma attack is severe.


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