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Mary Jane is a Friend of Mine

Mary Jane Is A Friend Of Mine

Mary Jane is a friend of mine was a song I came across today and liked it so much I wanted to share it with all of you.  As you can all see on TV, Radio, Movies, everywhere; Alcohol is being dissed as a violent drug and marijuana is being promoted as something to make you chill.  Its everywhere, even on the Simpson’s the other day their were a bunch of people fighting and someone said “Good thing alcohol wasn’t involved or it would have been way worse”.  Now that was said on the Simpson’s.
Anyway, here is that son I was talking about, it might take a minute to load as its the actual post from Facebook embedded.  So make a comment below if you can please :).


Verse #1
In the garden, planting seeds
Four twenty reasons, to be pleased
Living life, what a thrill
If you don’t like it, take a pill
What’s the point of making a fuss
Washington and Jefferson were just like us
Floating above, peace and love
Floating above, peace and love
Mary Jane is a friend of mine
She brings me flowers and a jug of wine
She makes me laugh and the sun shine
Intro: Guitar solo
Got to know it, we mean no harm
So we grow it, on the farm
Easy as, counting beads
A little bit of water, grows like weeds
Repeat Pre-chorus. Repeat Chorus 2x then repeat
“Mary Jane is a friend of mine” to fade

Heather Baker: Vocals
Perry Danos: Vocals
Bobby Myers: Drums and percussion
Mitchell J Rickey: Electric guitars, bass guitar, keyboards

Mixed and Mastered by Bobby Myers @ One Sweet Dream Recording Studio Detroit, MI
Produced by Mitchell J Rickey