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Marijuana For Back Pain

Marijuana For Back Pain

This time 5 years ago I was in, what I thought, was a harmless accident turned into a chronic pain in my ass. Literally. I looked online and everywhere i could for information on Marijuana For Back Pain.

At first I was just using simple back pain meds like advil and tylenol but I needed something that would help a ton more. Something that wouldn’t just take the pain away but also not let me feel uncomfortable.

That’s when my doctor finally subscribed me MARIJUANA!!!!

The answer to all my problems was finally the cure to my chronic back pain. When I was taking the pills like advil the pain would go away but i was still uncomfortable. The medication wouldn’t last longer then a few hours.

Also I’ve never liked the thought of constantly shoving pills down my system. I felt like it would only get worse.

When I smoked that sweet beautiful medical marijuana I could feel the weed tingle my muscles. Not only taking the pain away but putting my mind at ease and being able to relax and forget my troubles.

I also fell asleep a lot quicker as well as the Back Pain was so severe that it was hard to sleep at night.

Now I would smoke a joint, back pain would leave, mind would be relaxed and I was able to get a good long night of sleep.

Of course while doing this I was still doing back stretches and what i felt was the most helpful was swimming. With a good stretch the water was able to let my back bend and help the strecthing process.

I would then go into the sauna and do 4-5 stretches and let the heat heal my bones.

I would then get hone and smoke a nice joint and let the chronic do its thing.

Best Marijuana for back pain

Sporting Event While High

Sporting Event While High

In my travels around the world I frequently liked to visit Europe. It is totally different then the world we live here. Everything is old! I mean old, like 16th-17th century old. All the buildings and houses etc. One thing that Europe is huge on is Football or Soccer for us North Americans. Here is my story of my experience of traveling and attending a sporting event while high. SUPER HIGH!

I was in London for a few days being a tourist when I saw that my favorite team, Manchester United, was playing in Manchester 5 hours! I knew i had to go. I purchased my tickets and was heading to the Train Station. On my way I smelled marijuana! I had to get some it has been a few days without it and I would love some before the 3 hour train ride.

I found a man behind a building in a alley way and was able to get about 4 grams off of him. He ripped me off and charged me 80 Pounds which is $175 canadian! But I was desperate.

I smoked a nice big fatty right before the train ride. On board was a bar i could get a few beers from and window seat with a great view! I was in heaven!

I got off the train and saw a quiet park that I could walk into. I rolled 4 fat joints, smoked 2 right then and there and made my way to the stadium.

I walked inside and there I stood with 70,000 fans screaming and waiting for there team to come out. I sat in my seat and really enjoyed the game. Being high made the overwhelming feel so euphoric. Muscles and mind were tingling. I chanted with the crowd and as they scored there goal i’ve never heard a stadium so loud in my life! What an experience! Truly one I will never forget!

Manchester United


Order Marijuana Online

When you finally decide to listen to your friends about how to order marijuana online, you will realize the options and variety you never thought possible.  Up to 30 available strains including high grade hash, and THC weed wax. Find the top strains of high grade marijuana BC has to offer below such as Pink Kush, Candy Jack, Chemo, and more .  If the button below the picture says Read More “Its Because Its NOT in Stock”.


Mail Order Kush

Kush is a sub-strain of Indica marijuana originating from the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. It was one of the first strains of weed you could buy used in official medical research in the U.K. way back.  When you think about how far its come it sure is nice to know you can order it online and have it delivered directly to you anywhere in Canada by professional, insured and bonded drivers.

Mail order Kush from BuyWeedOnline.ca and we will have it delivered to you anywhere in Canada by Canada Post Express Post service.  For most major cities that is a 2 day service (sometimes 1 day when it’s Calgary or Vancouver) and it costs $25.

Mail Order Marijuana Sativa

Sativa marijuana strains have a green grassy odor and provide an energetic and enthusiastic high perfect for daytime use.  Inspiring and energizing, Sativa strains or hybrids that are predominantly Sativa are used by artists and musicians alike to get in the creative mindset and get to work.  Sativa strains will give you a feeling of at ease comfort with up-lifting and cerebral thoughts.

It is used by many to energize them, to increase focus and fight depression.  It will also help with lack of appetite and ennui.

Why It Is Safer To Order Weed Online

There are so many good reasons to buy weed online.  For starters it’s so convenient.  Where ever you are in Canada you will have access to the best BC Bud at very reasonable prices delivered to you by an professional bonded driver.  It is all done with upmost discretion and professionalism.  There are no hidden costs, just the product cost and the shipping fees.

Are you having a hard time getting your hands on quality and variety of weed where you live? Would you rather not have to deal with street dealers and the ugly world that is part of?  Do you want to have product you can trust and depend on again and again?  Then ordering weed online is for you.  IT IS SAFER.  All our products, from the Indicas to the Sativas to the hybrids to the THC extracts, are grown by professional hydroponic farms.

No closet production here; only standardized industry norm techniques and processes.  Every strain we offer is grown by the best growers and from the best parentage in British Columbia – No more worrying about additives or chemicals you don’t know are there or not.  “Streets are mean and eventually they sting.”