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Driving High

Difference Between Driving High Or Drunk

There has been a noticeable increase in drug-impaired driving incidents in the past couple years. This has lead authority to take further actions when it comes to driving high.

At this moment it is not an easy process to determine how high a driver actually is, and it can be a long going process that perhaps a lot of officers and authority’s don’t want to waste their time on.

With the breathalyzer possibly becoming capable of detecting whether or not a driver is under the influence of marijuana, it will help reduce the time an officer needs to spend trying to figure out how high you are if you’re even high at all!

It all sounds great for officers and authorities out there that are having to deal with these situations of people driving high on a daily basis, but in reality it’s going to cause many fellow marijuana users problems.

Personally I think that the penalty and consequence of driving under the influence of pot is crazy. I dont believe that you should lose your license over it, or have your vehicle towed . Its unfortunate that the younger generation and few bad apples have to spoil it for those that need marijuana to function in life .

If this study goes through and a device is manufactured to work as a alcohol Breathalyzer would, then it could be a big game changer for many people that have been driving high.  Before you know it weed is going to be legal and everywhere and we need to set a good example on how great marijuana is for users.  knowing all the good that pot can do for your mind body and soul, yet its seen as something that could potentially ruin your life ????  how can something so good for you be portrayed as that ?

weed and alcohol are 2 completely different substances and authorities sure do have their hands full with figuring out how to handle and address these situations before it becomes legalized. once this happens i think there is gonna be a large group of people that never would have smoked weed due to the fact it was illegal. you’ll find that now they will be open to trying it and once they realize how great it is for them … well the rest is history 🙂