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Police Crackdown

Defiant Despite Police Crackdown


 Despite Police Crackdown store business owners of Toronto’s unlicensed marijuana shops said that they would defy our countries drug laws and continue to make sales. The raid had targeted roughly 100 unlicensed dispensaries that were not operating under the act of Canada’s health code.

Since the raid,  local dispensary owners and Reps have come together to discusses moving forward towards legalization for marijuana and recreational use.  Despite police crack down marijuana activists are still standing strong and providing those with cannabis.

Some unlicensed stores in Canada have been accused of selling to the public without proper government approved  prescriptions. Some, such as the Cannabis Culture franchise in Toronto and Vancouver, sell openly to recreational users and not through the health Canada act.

Vancouver BC has also started cracking down on its Cannabis stores, but those efforts were met by mostly indignant pot purveyors persistent on remaining open to the public.

Critics speaking in regards to this topic are saying that  such outlets operate without oversight and quality control, and their businesses  in our cities may expose and provide minors to marijuana and other cannabis products.

On Tuesday there was a meeting that was held at a marijuana smoking lounge where about 50 people showed up.  store operators that where involved in the Toronto  raid told the crowed what to expect.  Attending was a lawyer who spoke about how to deal with the police in these kinds of situations to be able to get the best out come and move forward in legalization.

We can only hope that legalization comes before more dispensaries are targeted, raided or shut down for business. Its a sad day when someone gets denied of medication or is forced to go to the streets. To know that people are being charged and fined for doing good is a very sad thing.