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EDM Music Festival

EDM Music Festival

I myself have partied quite a bit in my day. One would say for the last 14 years i have the type of memories that you would want to see in a movie. However, I must say though out of all them, one of the coolest experiences i ever had was at a EDM Music Festival.

It all starts with the drive down there, we had 6 car loads driving 4 hours to see 8 of our favorite DJs perform live at the most beautiful venue called ‘The Gorge’.

Paradiso Music Festival, a place where digital music meets nature in a peaceful yet down pour of adrenaline and DANCE!

We had our camp site set and our JOINTS ROLLED! As we walked up to the top of the hill we over looked a massive hill that was the scene to 60,000 music lovers with there hands up and dancing!

We walked into the middle of the crowd and joined the peaceful beautiful rave that was Electronic Dance Music. We smoked and danced the day away with the sun blaring on us and ice cold beers constantly in our hands time stood still.

The day was turning into night and you could see the perfect sunset. At one point before the headliner came on we sat on the hill like hippies in a modern day Woodstock. Took in where we were and enjoyed the moment that we knew would last forever.

The night time came and along with it were the beautiful stars just glowing. My favorite DJ, Tiesto, had taken the stage. As always he would build up his music and let the beat drop! 60,000 fans screaming and jumping with fireworks and confetti falling from the sky and a FAT JOINT in my mouth. A surreal experience I will never forget.

Paradiso Music Festival Aftermovie

Risk Of Purchasing Marijuana

Risk of Purchasing Marijuana

Why put yourself at risk of purchasing marijuana from a shady drug dealer when you can order marijuana online?

We are now in the 21st century and the times have changed from meeting that shady guy in the hoodie in a parking lot. All types of people smoke weed. Students, adults, seniors, business professionals etc. Why put yourself at risk of potentially being in danger. You don’t the guy state of mind or if someone is following him. What if the cops were following him what would you do??

For the last 25 years the human race has had the access to the World Wide Web. It was only a matter of time until someone came along and said why not give people the chance to buy marijuana online, anonymously and don’t have to show face.

Buy Weed Online gives you that online shopping feeling when purchasing marijuana. Order from the comfort of your own home and don’t worry about stepping foot outside.

As a business professional the last thing you want is your clients or co workers knowing that you smoke weed. Not that there is anything wrong with it. However society looks at marijuana as a lethal substance. WHATEVER!

There is always many risks that can come with purchasing marijuana in person. But tell me what risk is there when purchasing it online?? Our packaging is vacuum sealed which is then put in a Canada Post envelope. No smell and no clue what it is. If anything it looks like your ordering clothing or something from Amazon.

Legally no one is allowed to open up your mail other then you. Not the police not Canada Post no one. Also our website does not ask for your Driver License or want any personal info. Just your name and email.

Buy Weed Online is here to keep the bad guys away from your life!

Montreal Dispensary shut down

Smoking Weed and Sports

Smoking Weed And Sports

Smoking weed and sports.

For 25 years I played very competitive soccer.

I started smoking when i was 15 and never in a million years did I ever think to smoke before a big game. I always thought that it would make me lazy slow and everything else weed is associated with.

When I was 17 I was getting ready for my game. At that time my brother came to me and asked if i wanted to smoke up with him. I thought why not, it wasn’t to big of a game and i loved smoking. So i did. Not to sure what kind of weed it was or the strain of it.

Either way when i walked on to that pitch i was BAKED!! I thought oh my god Im going to be the worst player ever!

The absolute opposite!!!!

I killed it. The weed had opened my mind and I was so much more creative I was thinking of plays i had never even thought of. I was making plays in mind 2-7 seconds in advanced. Having the courage and balls to try things i would never try. I would do moves on defenders that they would think is impossible. I was unstoppable!

My teammates were stunned! They had never seen me play like that before. I could think of the pass i was going to make before i even got the ball.

That same year our team had reached our very first provincial title game! Terrified with the decision if i should smoke before the biggest game of my life. I did, and I did not regret it. I had scored 2 goals and 2 assists in what was the best game of my life. Lifting that trophy that i dreamed to win since i was a kid was one of the greatest moments ever.

Of course I was only 17 then and body and mind was fresh. I think it would have a negative effect on my play now since i am now 30 LOL.

Thank you for listening to my story.

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