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Young Adults Marijuana Health 2016

Young Adults Marijuana Health 2016

Marijuana Health Argument #1

Right now in Canada young adults marijuana health in our youth is one of the largest debates next to its amazing healing properties.  It can no longer be denied that severe negative health consequences could occur if an individual who is about 23 or younger.  Users of Cannabis or Cannabis products in whatever frequency research shows negative effects in young adults and adolescents. Many unlightened parents might say a person who becomes of ‘mature’ age of, for example 19 or 21 and then let them decide on the risk. At that age its hard to control, so educate.  A smoker of tobacco for example can make their lung black and take your wind away, not to mention your second wind. It is a difficult argument to make.

Sensitivity Of A Young Man Or Ladies Brain

youth marijuana brain activity chartA young man and ladies brain is an ever expanding universe that can be cut off by the chemicals in marijuana.  Fact is, youth is a sensitive time for brain development up to the age of 24 from the present science.  If a young person smokes/consumes marijuana early in life, it could very well have serious consequences for their ability to problem solve and may have social deficiencies making them less desirable peer. Our young adults marijuana health defects with memory and critical thinking in general  is probably the most important factor of becoming successful later on in life.  The consequences are permanent, and irreversible..”Teenagers think that cannabis is harmless. It is not. And for some people, it’s particularly dangerous.

Record Marijuana Usage In Ontario Canada

It has been reported that record marijuana usage in Ontario is growing despite the changing cannabis industry.  Genetics, social issues, marijuana strength, and frequency of use are among complex variables per user.  How young a person starts using the drug can also affect future use.  Are they depressed, or they just experimenting like any healthy young adult will? Brain development in childhood continues through teenage years and into the early 20s. The Center for Addiction and Mental Health says marijuana use in Canada is most common among teens and young adults. It estimates past-year use in Ontario at 23 per cent for students in Grade 7 to 12, and 40 per cent for those aged 18 to 29.

2012 Study
Madeline H. Meier