Buy Weed Alberta

Buy weed in Alberta Canada and have it delivered the next day by our countries leader in high grade recreational marijuana for mature adults.  You must take a 2 minute telephone consultation call to ensure you are a potential customer that fits our requirements.

222 Riverfront Ave SW, Calgary, AB.


If you live in Alberta, you can now order you premo BC bud from the comfort of your home setting on your butt smoking a fatty. Just turn on the old computer and order up.  If you have not had your telephone consultation its 100% necessary and required in order to receive your package.  Once we have spoke about your weed need, we can accept you and make the highest quality BC weed and hash available to you by mail order.  You must be at least 21+ and also fit into guidelines that are not available online.  Once we have the opportunity to chat, we can get you all set up and a copy of the ordering form.  To subscribe, just do so on the left column on this page.

Ronald McChronald