Buy Weed Toronto

Buy Weed Toronto Ontario

Buy Weed Toronto Ontario

Buy Weed Toronto Ontario, its a beautiful thing internet weed is here to stay!

McChronald’s is your leading source to buy weed in Toronto Ontario and surrounding cities.  We package and deliver your marijuana and extracts in a secured discrete sealed package that does not smell or gain any attention.


300 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario
Straight Across the street from Much Musc

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Buy Weed Toronto; McChronalds is your leading mail order marijuana service for all Ontario’s cities and towns.  Orders are made available for next day delivery, or regular mail.  You now have access to the highest quality weed in the Country.  All weed, hash, oils, and other products are all 100% Made in BC, and by some of the worlds top growers.

With recent changes to the Canadian marijuana laws, Doctors are not liable for any marijuana prescriptions they give out thus making the doctor fully liable for any legal ramifications that may from taking the marijuana.  I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard of any Canadian Doctors that are willing to risk their practise just to give some one a marijuana prescription, its easier to give some little white pills.  They wont get in trouble for giving morphine and even stronger pain killers, but its possible for them to loose their life for giving a little pot out.  That is too bad, but another reason I’m here for you all.

If your Dr. wont give you anything but pharmaceuticals and you really are sick of being zonked with all those warnings then you need to get in contact with me.

As long as you are 21+ and fit the other requirements you can buy weed Toronto and get access to the order form.  This page has the process to follow for ordering.  If you don’t have this, you can not order because of how our process works.  We say and do a lot of things to deter youth and undesirable clients.

Please register below and Ronald will contact you for a consultation.

Best Regards,

Ronald McChronald

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    Buy Weed Toronto Ontario Buy Weed Toronto Ontario, its a beautiful thing internet weed is here to stay! McChronald’s is your leading source to buy wee
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    Ron I would like access to the toronto order page pls. It is only a 2hr drive from my home.

    Tnx cathy


    Hello I would like to use the buy weed in in Ontario I am not far from Toronto and can be there in an hour


    Sorry man, its a time portal directly to Vancouver. You need a special crystal thing around your neck to get it to work. I only have 1 man. Sorry 🙁 .



    Hey Ron,
    I just sent in a registration form. Hope to hear from you soon. Let me know if you need any additional information or if I can contact you. Thanks



    Ill be calling this evening 🙂


    Barrie Murdock

    It comes by the magic of Canada Post at zippy speeds.
    Like most great endeavours it is simple.


    Sorry i didnt call today… Didnt have enough time to get a new headset.. call me tomorrow 2pm your time ok 🙂 888-314-5827



    am i missing something? i see prices, no quantities




    nvr mind… i see now


    All the quantities are stated in the description.



    It came today! I am so pleased. Like many others I was skeptical, like this was a dream, too good to be true. Got an Indica sampler and I can’t wait to try them all! Is your middle name God perchance Ron? Thanks! 10/10 WILL DEFINITELY USE AGAIN!!



    Hi there, I am looking for sap or honeycomb to use with my existing vaporizer. Currently I pour liquid into the chamber, will sap/honeycomb work with my current system. If so, please suggest a product with highest grade of THC.

    Thank You



    Shatter, budder, or Wax will work 🙂



    Just placed an order 30010. Would love to pay you guys. Just need a little help to make this order happen.

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