Buy Weed In Vancouver BC

Buy weed in Vancouver, British Columbia and have it delivered to your door the next day.

Vancouver, British Columbia is Canada’s most pot friendly city with more dispensaries the the entire rest of the city combined.  You can buy weed in many bars, stores, and other locations safely.  With the rise marijuana delivery websites like #McChronalds, obtaining high grade BC bud has never been easier.

You can purchase all the most popular strains of Sativa, Indica, and Exotic Hybrids both Sativa & Indica dominant.  We provide you with 2 way and 3 way hybrids that will make your mouth water, and your brain take a vacation.  Buying weed on the streets of any City can be dangerous, but here in Vancouver you can pretty much assure your self you are not going to get ripped off as long as you are no farther then Cambie street.  If you go any farther then Cambie street your probably going to get ripped off.  Having said that, don’t buy weed on the streets ever, its dangerous period.  The best place to buy weed in Vancouver BC is online like the rest of the Country.  So before you drive around looking for scumbags standing in a circle in some park, pull out your phone and Google “buy weed online” to find the best weed you have ever smoked.

If you are visiting Vancouver from another country or do not have a Canadian bank account, you can buy weed at the Green Bank Machine on the side of The Cambie Bar on Cambie & Carroll Street downtown Vancouver.  You can purchase a dime bag for $10 or a 3.5 gram sack for $40.  The weed is good BC Bud, but its definitely not the HIGH GRADE you would expect to purchase online.  The main reason for this is that its a tourist attraction and not a marijuana distribution service.

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