Top 10 (Under-Rated) Weed Songs

Top 10 (Under-Rated) Weed Songs

This song is most famously known in Jamaica  or in the Caribbean for being a Reggae or Marijuana Smoking anthem. It is actually a very empowering song for our female listeners. Take it back to the old school  with this relaxing jam! Enjoy!

This is just a general feel good song, but listen to it while smoking a joint and you’ll instantly be transported to a feel good place. So kick back, spark that jay, and enjoy!

The lyrics go something like..”I need a girl, that’s always down to come see me..I need a girl to roll a blunt to smoke for me”. Perfect for if your rolling skills are mediocre or if you’re just in need of a girl in general.  In all seriousness however, amazing track! Play it back!

If you’re in the mood for something slightly more hardcore or rapp-ish. Here’s one for the hood girls. Blueberry Chills…

Some more rap. Warning for those of you that don’t like rap that sounds like gibberish. Still an amazing track, with some great talent throwing down on it.

A very soothing and relaxing track, with a nice house feel to it! Perfect for any occasion, pairs well with marijuana!

This track has a Kid Kudi type feel to it. Listen to this track from up and coming artist 6lack!

This one isn’t under-rated but we thought we’d throw it into the mix. Just because, you know..

Amazing and relaxing song, obviously about “marijuana”. Mad reggae feels, on this track.

This is a bit odd of a song, but can become quite catchy if you give it a couple listens. Another classic from Manu Chao.

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    Top 10 (Under-Rated) Weed Songs Bam Bam – Sister Nancy  – Listen to it here This song is most famously known in Jamaica  or in the Caribbean for being
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