Trump At War With The Black/Rap Community? – A Deeper Look

Trump At War With The Black/Rap Community?

Trump At War With The Black/Rap Community? Quite possibly! In Snoop Dogg’s latest rap music video called BADBADNOTGOOD (a remix of BadBadNotGood’s “Lavender”, Snoop Dogg eats massive amounts of weed in a world full of clowns, including “Ronald Klump”, a President Donald Trump look-a-like who wants to deport all “dogs”. In the end of the video he grabs a toy gun, leaves his smoked up hot box, and shoots “Klump”, point blank, but instead of a bullet, a flag with the words “Bang” pop out!

Early this morning Donald Trump tweeted about how Snoop Dogg’s career is failing and how if he had done that to Obama, what the outcome would have been. He also tweeted that Snoop could face possibly jail time! (Saying he should be in prison for an “assassination video”)

Now we all know that rap tries to convey a certain message not always in the best light, but nonetheless, some artists make it a point to discuss current events.

T.I was quick to fire shots at President Donald Trump, he took to Instagram in the afternoon. T.I wrote “@snoopdogg is a F–Kin Legend u F–ing Tangerine Tanned Muskrat scrotum skin, Lacefront Possum fur Wig wearing, Alternative fact, Atomic Dog diarrhea face ass man!!!! He continued firing shots at the President, with; “Leave our legends names out ya f–kin old ass pussy piss smelling a– mouth & continue to focus on dividing minorities, building barriers, alienating immigrants, &f–kin this country up like u been doin…. #UWannaBeDictator#PresidentialLevelF–kBoy”.

Now there are some powerful words being spoken by T.I who is probably one amongst the many who may feel that way about the President. We can only imagine what sort of issues The President might create for these folks, but we really just hope it all just dies down, and everyone just smokes a joint!

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