Far out and into outer-space! THC found on a meteorite!

So there is life and intelligence in the universe!

For me this further evidence that life is to be found throughout the universes.  It is a substance with no-uncertain effects on a mind in a body.  There are no accidents in the universe or as Albert Einstein said “God does not role dice.”  For me we see the fact that the universe is full of life and the universe is in fact limitless intelligence—how else could we occur?  In the face of that universal intelligence our little world’s social group’s collection of gods pales in the face of it.  This is my opinion.  I know it may upset a few who are fixated on ‘their’ beliefs but I base my understanding on continuing direct experience.

Just look at what happens when one uses weed.  The mind shifts off of its pedestal and you see things in a different way.  Used for insight this change of state offers unexpected understanding.  Of course one must first want and then seek understanding of the mind door—those who don’t miss a powerful source of potential insight space that marijuana use offers.

I see that biochemical substances are molecular forms that imply a definite relationship with mental structures that temporarily change or alter brain functions.  The alterations in consciousness in terms of perception, ideation, cognition and mood in humans caused by known biochemicals that have been found on objects that travel across or through interplanetary space urge the question: what other substances have travelled here and what effects have resulted historically?  For me this is an example of universal mind’s existence and growth.  The mind that grows, opens—just look at the known openness of space.  Now look at and see the known space that is in fact contained in each and every atom.  Have a toke and contemplate that!

thc atom

Pic of atom with cutline detailing the relative size of the nucleus and its electron.

For me I just see the primordial brilliance of the universe in all these traces of life’s structures.  Recent space probes have revealed water-moons of Jupiter and even recently Pluto itself showing obviously more potential for organic compounds.  The fact that they show up on asteroids gives one pause though.  How old is life in the universe?  Has it ever not been present?


These questions open the vista of my mind as I toke, testing a couple of new strains from BC’s finest weed farmers.

Check out the article source: Marijuana in Space – NASA Discovers THC on Meteorite Fragment


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