Earn Weed Points

Earning Weed Points Is Easy


Everyone earns 1 weed point with every purchase.  Keep an eye out for special promotions giving away additional weed points.

Each weed point is worth $2.75 and can be earned in many different ways.  The easiest way to earn weed points is to contribute in the effort to further promote BuyWeedOnline.ca as Canada’s leader in High Grade Recreational Marijuana.

Creating Links Or URL’s

Share BuyWeedOnline.ca on your blogs, forums, chat rooms, billboards, and every other type of online media.  Show me where you have shared the link to BuyWeedOnline.ca and for every unique place you put it will earn you weed points.  Please note that all links must come from valid quality sources and can not just be created on  volume unless they are all quality links that we can verify.

1 URL = 1 Weed Point = $2.75

Sending Tweets

If you send a tweet using BuyWeedOnline.ca and a picture from our website we will give you 1 weed point per week.  In order to earn weed points for tweets you must have over 100 followers and 300 tweets minimum.  You can still earn 1 weed point for the URL backlink from a Tweet once.  Once you get your twitter account built up, you can contact us and start earning weed points for tweets.

Posting On Facebook

Add http://buyweedonline.ca/canadian-marijuana-delivery/ as a Facebook post and earn 2 weed points.  Facebook accounts must be at least 6 months old.

Creating Videos

Start creating promotional videos or product reviews and post them on YouTube for 5 weed points.  You can also post videos to other video sites like DailyMotion or MetaCafe and still get weed points.

Writing Content

Think you have the creative writing touch.  Well let it earn you weed points for every post.  Not only can you earn 1 weed point for each post, but you can also have a promotional code that will earn you an additional 10% commission.

Tracking Your Success

We provide every team member with a membership card holding their membership status, rank, and a code that tracks every single sale you get.  Your code will give you the ability to give free shipping away in your posts and videos and allow you to start growing your online weed community for your self.

Please contact Ronald at 1-888-314-5827 to get set up right away.  Office Hours:  9am – 5pm PST  We are in Vancouver… 4hrs behind the east :).

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