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    Cyndi McLean

    Hi I would like 3.5grms. of your Master Kush I think it is it never lets me go to that page where I can see the pic’s


    Sorry, its still being built. I have a couple pictures you can view at


    pete pi

    McChronald is the man!!!! No lies…..fake reviews….bullshit…..what he tells you is what you get and when you get it! 🙂 10/10 from an Ontario customer!!!!! Keep on medicating the public!!!!! Doctors wont.


    You are logged in, that is why you were able to comment 🙂



    You need to check out our page at



    wanna order too



    Thanks for you help there’ll be lots more to come


    Ashly Biondo

    How do I order?


    Please subscribe and i will contact you by telephone.


    Try now man, use your Google account to log in. Everyone with a Google account already has an account, you just need to log in.


    jorge nieto

    Call me brother


    Email me your telephone number to please 🙂


    devin trammell

    hey can i get some of that pineapple express man??
    contact me back ASAP


    Yep, did you subscribe? If not do so and ill call you for your telephone consulation big guy :).


    Jessica Ladlee

    I just subscribed and noticed that since I live in the states….I can’t order? true?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 334 total)

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