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    That GDP says in stock AND not in stock. I want!


    I only ship to Canada.


    Mike furlan

    Yea I agree, I had just been burned by Mom’s weed the motherfucker, but yea I was Leary about trying it again but when Ron called and I spoke to him I could tell he’s old school and I like that.


    Lee Booker

    Hi do you deliver to England


    Denice Gleiser

    I hope you can help me out. I cant take the med’s that the doctor’s have been giving me. Terrible side effects plus my meds do not help my pain at all.


    Do you live in Canada? Contact me


    Hemel Arjan

    Will u mom to uk i take regular amounts
    Thanks H


    Anne Moran

    Do you have any hash brownies ??


    Richard Head

    Do you make or sell edibles? I really prefer to take my meds this way. I just signed up. Looking forward to speaking with you


    I can help you. I will contact you as long as you are in Canada :). Talk tomorrow.


    Sure do :). Did you subscribe?



    can’t wait to talk with you. i suffer from a schwanomma spinal cord tumor, adrenal gland tumor, defective right hip replacement, right shoulder rebuilt, chills, sweats. i have a team of 6 physicians. also use cane and other medication. marijuana provides reduced suffering. i am legally disabled and suffer daily. the team of doctors say i may need another workup because of tumor growth. i feel like a criminal when i have to buy off the street. thank you for providing such a welcomed service. i am medicallly retired after 28 years as a rehabilitation counselor and correction counselor, and former nys parole officer. don’t let that scare you off. i am simply now a chronically debilitated civilian. medical personnel have even recommended smoking marijuana to relieve daily breakthrough pain. if i am not available when you call please leave a message for i have many clinic, doctor.and chemo appoinments. all of this information can be verified if need be. thank you again. hope to hear from you soon.



    waiting for call. thanks


    Do you live in Canada? I don’t think i have any more calls to make today?


    Please email me . I can only help you if you live in Canada though.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 332 total)

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