Marijuana Delivery

Marijuana delivery is now a reality in Vancouver Canada and is proving to be delightfully welcome by all of the new customers getting their heads around what just happened.  VWD does not carry a huge amount of marijuana or concentrate strains but what they do have it quality products and quick delivery. Vancouver has more […]

How To Use Cannabis

How To Use Weed

Beginner’s Guide to Smoking Pot Legalization is coming!!! I’m sure that cannabis users will be very excited to celebrate and there would be newbies who would be excited to try. Let’s cheer these folks up by giving them beginner’s tips:   1. Recognize the need. First of all, you have to figure out why you […]

Over 100 New Products

We have another supplier that came on board who can supply over 100 different products to us now.  McChronalds is going to start collecting them now.  Please take 5 seconds to choose from this small list of what you would like to see on the site asap.

What’s Your Favorite Cannabis Product?

Favorite Cannabis Products… What are they? Everyone has their favorite cannabis product.  Please tell us what you would like to see more of so we can make that our mission.

Buy Weed Toronto : Need Weed In Toronto? Better read this before you try on your own.

Buy Weed Toronto Learn to Buy weed Toronto the right way, it’s much more difficult now with their crackdown on illegal marijuana dispensaries. Finding Weed In Toronto Sucks If you are a visitor to the city of Toronto or its surrounding cities you are going to have a very difficult finding weed you can just […]

Buy Indica And Sativa Shatter Online

Buy Shatter Online From Canada Buy shatter online from a reputable cannabis extract distributor that cares about the customer. Just because something is cheap does not make it more attractive, at least not to me.  I try to avoid the cheapest product of anything because of the chance of it being made cheaply by cheap […]


Vape Cartridges

Authencity of “HASH” oil  AND THC vaPE cartridges is a concern gLOBALLY This is the real vape pen hash oil cartridge deal 100% HIGH GRADE “HASH” vape pen hash oil cartridges and refills. If you are looking for the new THC vape cartridges, go here for selection. Let me show you why THC vape cartridges […]


Buy Weed With Bitcoin

Buy Weed with Bitcoin – How easy is it? Make sure you notify us about your Bitcoin payment in the notes section when completing your order. BITCOIN ADDRESS:  1ALJ29PD8LJ96CUTXLaV4yNZ6pKAgiHtoE Due to the fact that most of the weed transactions are being rejected by all of the banks, companies are now likely to get involved in […]