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Buy Shatter OnlineBuy shatter online from a reputable cannabis extract distributor that cares about the customer.

Just because something is cheap does not make it more attractive, at least not to me.  I try to avoid the cheapest product of anything because of the chance of it being made cheaply by cheap human laborers who absolutely do not care about product quality, but quantity.  A company can make very large batches of shatter wax with care, but it can also be made in small boutique shops where solvent extraction is questionable.

How Shatter Is Made

All shatter is made the same way regardless of the solvent used.  Solvents do have varying qualities, for example, both of these are solvents: butane for lighters can make shatter, and medical grade benzene can as well.  Medical grade benzene can cause leukemia if it’s not all purged, and I’m sure inhaling lighter butane isn’t good either.  Regardless shatter is made by passing a solvent over the plant material to extract oils, terpenes and other elements from the cannabis.  That solvent is then removed with a multitude of methods.  That extract is then vacuum heated to specific temperatures depending on the producer’s recipe.  Depending on how long you vacuum heat and purge the solvents from the product with depending on whether you get shatter or wax.  The difference between shatter and wax is simply the temperature and filtering process.  The difference between sativa shatter and indica shatter are the effects you get from the different combinations of (THC + Cannabinoids + Terpenes) for each type of marihuana.

Have Brands Of Shatter Or Extracts Tasted Like Solvents?

How To Smoke Shatter

Dabbing is one of the two most popular ways to smoke shatter and wax.  This is done with a dabbing rig.  This simple process consists of heating up metal or glass of some sort with a torch then placing a dab of shatter on the hot surface allowing you to inhale the highly concentrated smoke.  Any newcomers to dabbing will be higher than they ever imagined off a piece the size of a grain a rice, or smaller.  If you want to get more high then you ever have, or you just want to be more efficient in your life… Do Dabs!

Vaping is sort of like dabbing but in a mini handheld unit.  Many THC vape cartridges are cut with glycerin and a list of other compounds to make the shatter viscus.  This is done in all measurements and ratios depending on the vape cartridge manufacturer.

Rolling shatter is a little bit of a process if you want to do it right.  You will see images of people rolling a thin string of shatter around a joint, and this works just fine.  Another way to roll shatter in a joint is to heat up the shatter and spread it on a paper like oil.

Cooking with shatter is a sure way to get the body stone of a lifetime.  In order to use shatter in your cooking, you need to melt butter or oil in a pan and completely emulsify it into the oil or butter.  Once it completely dissolved you are ready to add it to your meal.  This means you consume all the butter or oil.  You can also use this oil or butter in baking, or any other type of culinary.

Sativa Shatter is going to give you a major uplifting high like you just had two cups of coffee but you will have a whole list of other beneficial neuro augmentations that will greatly improve your experiences.

Indica Shatter is better known as in-da-couch shatter.  This stuff is like a paralyzing substance that’s legal now.  If you buy our heavy duty Indica shatter you’re probably not doing much for the day.

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