Buy Weed Toronto : Need Weed In Toronto? Better read this before you try on your own.

Buy Weed Toronto

Learn to Buy weed Toronto the right way, it’s much more difficult now with their crackdown on illegal marijuana dispensaries.

Finding Weed In Toronto Sucks

If you are a visitor to the city of Toronto or its surrounding cities you are going to have a very difficult finding weed you can just walk up to and buy.  Torontorians who have gone threw the hoops to getting a medical marijuana card have about 20 options.  If any of the dispensaries in the GTA sell someone marijuana without a medical card they are going to loose their business ie: cash and product; no charges, just basically a robbery by the Police.  That is the current reality all across Canada.  Fortunately here in Vancouver as long as you can produce an id stating you are over 19+ then you can buy as much pot as your bank will allow.  Its expensive, but when you see all the different flowers, extracts, and hand made topicals you realize this is a real industry and wont be slowing down at all any time soon.

Physically getting weed at the very time you want it is impossible unless you are buying from people on the streets.  And that does still exist everywhere in Canada because of the current state of cannabis laws and how law enforcement deals with issues that can arrize in any business.  The guy selling weed on the corner is absolutely not legit and cant be trusted for the most part.  And the ones who are still successful making their living selling weed and delivering it to their local customers like the old days are at a huge risk of being victimized by Police, and then having everyone else under investigation and surely be watching to see who comes and go’s and that sort of thing.  If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about other then the quality of the weed and how much you get for what you pay.  Toronto is a city that you will still be robbed for small amounts of money for weed which usually takes place as a “Wait here, ill be right back” , I hope none of you reading this are stupid enough to do this today.

Buy Weed Toronto

If you are traveling to Toronto and want to have weed for your vacation I’m going to tell you how the best way going about your Canada Cannabis Vacation.  The main thing you don’t want to do is rely on getting it in person, from a dealer or a dispensary.  You are going to need to order your cannabis products online and have them shipped to you.  WAIT~!~!!!!  don’t just go order, you need to know a few things first.

  1. Any legit online marijuana dispensary will not send to a hotel or motel because chances are it will be stolen
  2. You will always be asked to use Interac, if you are from another country you will need to use PayPal or Bitcoin “DON’T USE WESTERN UNION”
  3. The website will always give you an order number, and conformation of your purchase just like any other website you already use
  4. Chances are you will be getting the highest quality cannabis straight from British Columbia “The Columbia Of The North”
  5. Orders take 2 business days to arrive.  Packages arrive as an Xpress Post Insured Item, overnight shipping is available “SO fn expensive though”

How To Get Weed Delivered To Your Hotel or Motel

Just a big fat “YOU CAN’T”, so what you need to do is book your vacation using Airbnb so you can stay at a physical location that gives you a private residence.  You can receive your order just as if you lived their, all you need to do is take your Airbnb receipt with your ID to the post office to pick it up.  If your lucky they will come before you leave and can receive it directly.

If you are staying with friends or have a private residence location where you are staying then you have no issues getting weed delivered.  Buying weed online is very easy now with so many competitors you have the ability to shop around and find what appeals to you.

Visiting Toronto?  Email to ask about getting a free hand rolled joint on your first order.  Rather get 10% off your order? Use Coupon Code: HavingFunInToronto

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