How To Join

Buy Weed Online caters to recreational marijuana users but we have rules in becoming a member:

  • You must be 21 years and above.
  • You must be a Canadian citizen with a valid mailing address.
  • You must have a valid Canadian bank account.

You can register here. You will get an automatic 5 weed points when you register. This weed point is valued at 1 = $2.75 and can be used as product discount on your purchase.

How Do I Place Orders?

Step 1:  Register an account here.

Step 2:  Once you set up an account on the website, you are all ready to place an order.

Step 3:  Select your method of payment.

Step 4:  Now this is the best part. The consultation call. This process is to make sure that you are qualified to be a customer.

Step 5:  Once you make a payment, you can either call us or upon registering your account, our Customer Service Manager will call you.  The customer service manager is available from Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Pacific Time.  If you happen to register your account on a weekend or a holiday, do not worry as we will be calling you or you can send us an email @ if you need any assistance. Our HOTLINE NUMBER is 1-888-314-5827.

Step 6:  Your first order is will be released after your qualifying call. Your favorite flower is going to be delivered to the comfort of your home.

How Long Till My Order Arrives?

Your order will be sent threw your choise of postal service including Canada Post and Purolator. Depending on your order and if you have a P.O. Box, you can receive your order within 1 business day.  We recently introduced Saturday deliveries.

What Types Of Products Can I Order?

Marijuana has two types: Indica and Sativa. You can buy both types at Buy Weed Online. Indica strains are the couch lock strains. Sativa strains give you a creative energetic high.

What Are The Medical Befifits Of Cannabis?
  • Help you loses weight.
  • Regulate and prevent diabetes.
  • Fights cancer.
  • Helps depression.
  • Treat autism.
  • Safer alternative to drugs and alcohol.
  • Regulate seizure.
  • Heals broken bones faster.
  • Treatment for ADHD.
  • Treats glaucoma.
  • Can slow the development of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Controls muscle spasms.
  • Treat arthritis.
  • Helpful with PTSD.
  • Regulates your metabolism.
  • Alternative to pain relievers.
  • Can treat certain STDs.
  • Aids in Speech problems.
  • Improves skin conditions.
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What Happens If I Don't Get My Package On Time?

Your package is delivered via Canada Post’s Xpresspost delivery service. This service provides tracking numbers. If you did not receive your package at the expected delivery date, we will contact Canada Post to locate your package. They ill create a ticket number. If they happen to deliver it to the wrong address, they will send back the package to us. We will send you another package.

Why Are The Prices Here So Much Higher Then Anyone Else?

Its A Matter Of Taste, NOT Price!

1.  Buy weed online is a legit company. We have “real”, professional people running the business.  We have a customer service manager, a quality control manager, a finance executive and a CEO. We are running a company. We have ads on the net. We pay for advertisements.

2.  Ron personally buy all the products. He makes sure that each products are of the best quality. That is why we have our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our customers are advised to choses the type of weed that best suite their need. Each high varies from person to person but Ron makes sure that you get the primo ones.

3.  Buy Weed Online has deals every week. Long end promos are done every month. Prizes are sent to customers almost every week. This is not just about buying weed. We make sure you participate with us and create a community.

4.  We offer our loyal customers weed points which they can use on their next purchase. Each weed point is valued at $2.75.

5.  We reach out to the community. Can you tell any online weed distributor who donates money to charities? None! Only Buy Weed Online do that!

6.  We offer convenience. Most of our loyal customers are people ages 45 and up. Other online weed distributors only offer conversations via email. Or via their live chat. We have those but our customers are always welcome to call us at our hotline.