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Marijuana delivery is now a reality in Vancouver Canada and is proving to be delightfully welcome by all of the new customers getting their heads around what just happened.  VWD does not carry a huge amount of marijuana or concentrate strains but what they do have it quality products and quick delivery. Vancouver has more dispensaries then all of the rest across the country put together and multiplied.  Downtown Vancouver has quite a bit as well but slowly are dying off or just going away.  A little bird told me they are shutting down all the dispensaries on Granville Street and cleaning it up.  Vancouver Weed Delivery is your only flower delivery service that will get you your order with in 30 minutes.  If you are outside of the downtown core your order will be expected to take longer.  Deliveries are carried out by bicycle couriers who are professional and have at least 1 year experience as a professional bicycle courier.  When I take the time to think about a bike couriers job you have to think, they must be in amazing shape, and just a little crazy.  Dealing with drivers of vehicles, pedestrians running into the streets, drunks trying to scare them as they drive by, and so many more things.  These bicycle couriers are a part of the veins that run through this city and deserve respect for what they do ever day and still go home to their families after a shift just like everyone else.  Give them tips, they deserve them!

Marijuana has been getting more difficult to find since official legalization.  Suppliers are changing their names and jacking prices.  Granville Street dispensaries are getting shut down.  All dispensaries in Ontario have been raided.  BTW, McChronalds is officially a real legit Incorporated cannabis business.  We have always done things by the book corporately and paid our employees top salaries, benefits, bonuses, time off, and so much more.  Although we have had out fair share of trouble and accidents along the way, we have never been stopped from doing what we love and are so passionate about.  In fact, they like what we do and that is a matter of fact.  We love giving to those less fortunate and those who others shun and look at in disgust.  We do what is right regardless what other peoples opinions or actions project in order to stop the progress of the greater good. Loving others and showing people that caring is an important of the human soul and without that key factor we are nothing else but animals living amongst the concrete jungle.

See the main delivery zone for 30 minute marijuana delivery below.

Marijuana Delivery in Vancouver is covered by the best of McChronalds bicycle team.  Guaranteed quality product and expert service enables anyone 19+ with Valid Government Photo ID and a secondary ID such as Bank Card, or anything else with your name on it will be sufficient in order to gain access to the newest industry in the America’s.

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