Crystal THC Acid

THC-A: What The Fuk Is That?

This is THC-aTHC-A or Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid is the absolute purest form of psychoactive weed ingredient. This shit is so potent I have to check with my doctor to make sure it’s not going to mess with my pharmaceutical drugs prescribed to me by so-called health professionals. I’m not joking, if you call shatter weed crack, then THC-A is Mexican super meth, and looks like it too. F me, what are they going to come up with next? I’m assuming a snortable and injectable cannabis extract that’s going to send us to some other galaxy. I can’t wait for this LMFAO and no doubt it will soon be here. For now, though, we have a brand-new, super-clean form of incredibly concentrated THC before any type of manipulation. This offers a variety of disturbingly enjoyable avenues to travel down with regards to ingesting cannabinoid enzymes.

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Seriously! THC-A is the holy grail of weed, cannabis, hemp – it all starts here. Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid really is the diamond in the rough that all cannabis users have been searching for. Forget all the other stuff, this is what gets you high. THC-A is the purest form of THC right off the fresh plant. It is the raw acid form of the THC molecule and it is as potent as you can scientifically get. This stuff provides a broad range of bodily and psychoactive effects not previously available by just firing up whatever was passed your way. It’s even more potent than pure hashish or anything else previously available. THC-A is a whole new adventure, even for experienced smokers. This stuff, by comparison, is even better than just ingesting pure THC. It is cannabis innovation on the road to cerebral bliss at its finest. You can order THC-A in sticky dabs, crystalline or oil depending on the exact usage purpose. It is currently a quite popular smoothie additive but there are a number of ways to ingest this stuff to get the desired effect. For those die-hard old-schoolers, blazing down is always the best way to go and this stuff will not dissappoint.

The Thing About THC-a

I have laid down the bucks many times including today in order to get THC-a.  Different dispensaries have different names for it from weed diamonds to weed acid.  The fact of the matter is that its all the same product “THC-A” regardless of the strain or if its sativa or indica.  THC-a is THC-a.  And this is the problem.  You can smoke this stuff till the cows come home and you are not going to get as high as you would smoking raw gorilla glue #4 wax, not even close.  THC-a im sure is going to prove popular with people that are to be found out in the future allergenic to compounds in marijuana and will need THC-a only.  The unique cannabinoid combination is what gives you recreational effects.  THC-a is purely medicinal.

The Problem With Buying THC-A

Here in Vancouver dispenceries put low quality oil “Socalled TerpSauce” in with the THC-a crystals and call it whatever they think of.  Not is this only dishonest, but they say its super strong to justify the price.  But really, you get about 1/4g of actual crystals and the rest of low grade oil.  This shouldn’t be allowed.  And you even have to ask them if its THC-a.  No one really knows this yet so its a huge money maker.  So make sure if someone is charging $100 for a gram of crystal THC, then it better not have any liquid, oil or anything else.  Because if it does, its not THC-a, I guess that’s why no one is calling it THC-a.  Unfortunately I have to let everyone know that concentrating THC to anything more pure then shatter, rosin, resin, or whatever isn’t going to do anything more for your recreational high.  Just buy the normal extracts unless you are one of those sensative type of people who only want the THC acid.  You will get high from smoking THC-A but not as high as you would if you smoked the wax or shatter from what ever plant the THC-a came from.

With THC-A, you can get the precise amount needed without unwanted by-products. If you are using it for medical purposes, then precise measurements without nasty binders are key. Early studies are indicating that THC-A actually offers a wider array of profound benefits than other forms of medical marijuana. This stuff is being used as a powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-tumoral, antispasmodic and so much more. THC-A in its purest form also provides an array of neuroprotective benefits. It is incredibly effective without any harmful side effects aside from the occasional lighthearted feeling and what’s so bad about that?

My friend @TheDiamondBaby came and stayed the night at my house and he brought over a quarter pound of “fuk you up” .

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The menu of highs and medical property effects is expanding, and you can place your order today. Whether you just want a small appetizer, or you are ready for the main course, you can’t go wrong. The metamorphosis of cannabis is here, and it is spreading by leaps and bounds. You are truly witnessing the evolution of history and this is your chance to take part in it. Whether you are looking for a supercharged turbo high like you have never experienced before or you are trying to meet a medical necessity, you can order THC-A here.